Unsolicited Fashion Advice #6

I. Just. Don’t. Understand. This.


Open toed shoes. With footsies. Not socks, in that fashion-y socks-with-heels kind of way. Footsies. As in the mini-socks you wear so that they DON’T show outside from your shoes.

Again. I. Don’t. Understand.

I admit, the photo above is an extreme example of the phenomenon that confounds me every time I encounter it. Most of the time, the women are wearing ballet flats with the footsies peeking out. This is the first time I’ve seen the footsies worn with sandals (thank goodness it’s not a more common occurrence). But even in the ballet flats scenario… I. Don’t. Understand.

I don’t understand why it happens. Yes, I get why the footsies are needed, why they are worn. I just don’t understand why they’re peeking out from the shoes. Isn’t the point of getting these special socks is for them not be seen in the first place? If they’re going to show anyway, you might as well have worn regular socks with them. You’d probably look just as ridiculous, maybe even less, since the socks-with-heels look was (is?) a thing. I’ve seen the tiniest, funniest-looking footsies ever, where it’s basically just an inch of fabric covering the toes, a strip for the sole, then a little fabric again for the heel. Why not get those?

If you can’t find those (I’m sure you can, though, at any department store) then why buy the shoes to begin with anyway? Can’t you test them out with the footsies you own and check if they’ll be visible? Can’t you find any other shoe where they won’t be?

To me, it just seems like a lack of… planning. If you’re going to buy new shoes, then test them out with the footsies. If you’re buying footsies to wear with your existing shoes, then bring the shoes with you to check if they show! If you really can’t find the perfect shoe-footsie match, then can’t you at least get skintoned footsies? All this ugliness is all so preventable, so why I don’t understand why I still see lacy black footsies (really, lace?) peeking out from white ballet flats (really, white?). Uggggh.

Or do the ladies who sport this look really INTEND for the polyester lace to show?!?… That… I. Will. Never. Understand.

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