My (and Ashley’s) Birkenstocks

Despite their granola-eating-Berkley-student associations, I’ve loved Birkenstocks since I was in college (I still cringe when I realize that college is starting to be categorized as “a long time ago”). I guess Birkenstocks to me are what Havainas are to most people in Manila. My first pair were white Madrids, and I wore them almost everyday, until the soles were worn out. And when I did wear my first pair out, I promptly bought my second.

Much as I loved the Madrid style, I outgrew the white ones (thank God) and couldn’t find another pair in a color that I liked. So I’ve since moved on from my trusty Madrids to the Gizeh. I found the single-thong design of the Gizeh more interesting than my old pair, and the foot bed was a much, much better fit for the shape of my soles than the Madrid. And isn’t that the point of Birkenstocks in the first place, that they were comfortable? I also loved the way they looked jutting out from under a straight or a slim cut jean worn with a boyfriend shirt or a huge, bat-wing-y, tent-like top/sweater.

Not a lot of people in Manila seem to agree with me about the Gizeh, though, since I rarely see the it on anyone here. And in a few of the instances that I did, they were worn by guys (haha!). But no matter, because SHE agrees with me:

Now if only we had the multimillion-dollar net worth in common as well.

photo from Splash News

One thought on “My (and Ashley’s) Birkenstocks

  1. I asm a guy – and i LOVE my Gizeh sandals – they are NOT only for women – i know that 95% of the people waring them are vwomen – but i think the problem is that most Guys are afraid of waring a pair !!

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