Another reason to envy Kaiser Karl

Or Lola Karl, where I’m from.

Do you remember that scene from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast where the Beast shows Belle the library in his castle? That high-ceilinged library with the bookshelves covering every wall from floor to ceiling, and even balconies and ladders for you to reach the higher shelves? The first time I saw that as a little girl, I was in awe. I wanted a library like that for myself, too.

But I’m an adult now, so I can’t really have 2D cartoons from the nineties as a peg for me hopes and dreams. So, I’ve found my modern-day, floor-to-ceiling-with-balconies-too library in the Paris studio of Karl Lagerfeld, naturellement:

The only thing missing is a particularly hairy prince with an unhealthy obessession with a flower.

Did your jaw drop? I know mine did. But after the initial shock has worn off, my mind started to buzz with questions:

  • Has Karl actually read all of those books? If yes, where in the world does he find the time do that?
  • How are the books arranged? By topic? By author? How in the world do you find anything?
  • Does he have a personal librarian (if there’s anyone in the world who would have a librarian on his payroll, it would be Lola Karl)? If no, can I apply for the position?
  • What made him of think of storing the books horizontally?
  • Those couches look like heaven to veg out and read in, but does Karl even veg out? Can you imagine him lying in one of those couches in his sweats and just curled up and reading? Does he even own sweats? (no and probably no, by the way)
  • Is Karl in the market for a personal librarian/shelve arranger/book duster? Again, I’d like to apply volunteer for the position. I will gladly accept payment in the form of Chanel.

But seriously, it must be wonderful to be surrounded by all that. As if it wasn’t already wonderful enough to be Karl Lagerfeld.

My future employer.

Photos from The Selby is in Your Place via Jolanda Van Den Berg and HayanCafe


7 thoughts on “Another reason to envy Kaiser Karl

  1. Holy Cow!!! And look at that staircase! And those cool diamond seat cushins! Sweeeeet! If I show this picture to my dad he would hyperventilate (He’s a professor his basement has floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall bookshelves on two of the walls)

    I hope Kasier Karl lives in an earthquake-safe zone…

  2. I’m drooling with envy that he can afford the space to have all those books. Two of the non-negotiables for my dream house is that it must have a huge library and a huge music room. Matutulog na lang ako on a sofa bed if only to have those two! Hahaha! 🙂

    PS. Oh another non-negotiable: musically-inclined children. Pag sintunado, ibabalik ko ang tatay sa nanay niya. 🙂

    • Hahaha! You can put the sofa bed in the library so you never have to leave the room! Hahahaha. 🙂

      You should hold singing auditions before you pick a boyfriend, then! So less chances of having tone-deaf kids! Hehe.

  3. Hey! I came across the link to your blog on Headbands&Heartbreak; sorry for creeping! 😛

    I think he arranges his books horizontally because, well he’s Karl Lagerfeld. Also, when they’re stacked vertically, you have to turn your head awkwardly to the side to read what’s on the spine. What he’s done is pretty genius, actually. That’s one of the reasons why I buy most books online as opposed to spending hours with my head tilted, trying to choose something in a bookstore.

    • Hello Hermosa Chica! No worries, I think it’s great when new people visit my humble blog.

      I never though of it that way. And I do think it makes for a more interesting visual when the books are stacked horizontally.

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