Thanks, but no thanks

I had this conversation with our office administrative assistant:

Admin Assistant: You look pretty today. How old are you?

Me: (First I smiled, then was thrown off by the age question) Oh, thanks. I’m twenty-___ (I’m in my “middle” 20s).

Admin Assistant: Oh, ok. I wanted to set you up with my son, but you’re too old for him.

Me: *polite smile* (In my head: WTF?!?!)

I don’t know what to be more annoyed with: #1: the presumption in setting me up (I’ve never had a conversation with her that lasted more than 60 seconds, and they usually involve office supplies), #2:the fact that I was “rejected” by someone I have no interest in going out with whatsoever in the first place, #3 that it was his MOM who rejected me or #4: that I was rejected on account of my age.

Ugggggh. I’m sure she meant well and didn’t mean to offend me, but that doesn’t make things less irritating. Am I right to be annoyed, or am I starting to get oversensitive about my singlehood?

2 thoughts on “Thanks, but no thanks

  1. Filipinos (in general) have this weird obsession with age and it annoys the frak out of me! Why is being single in your mid-twenties a huge deal and why is it considered OLD? Why do job ads always (always, always) specify and age range? Does this mean that when you reach a certain age, you are just not ‘qualified’?! Seriously, WTF?!
    Go ahead, be annoyed. You have every right to be.

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