My very own Complicated Girl Index

If you haven’t yet heard of the Simple Girl Index, I have two questions for you: (1) where the heck have you been? and (2) what are you waiting for? Take it now!

So anyway, that hilarious post by Divasoria has started a mostly amusing, at times annoying (when people so obviously don’t get it) discussion about the “simple” girl and the “complicated” one, and what defines each. Self-proclaimed “complicated girl” and blogger extraordinaire Chuvaness then came up with her own Complicated Girl questionnaire. As much fun as it was to answer, I found that I couldn’t relate to a lot of the items on the list as I was neither married with kids nor could I afford to move my family out of a hotel because I wasn’t satisfied with the rooms. So I felt the need for a relatable index, and here we are.

But, a disclaimer first. This is my index, so naturally, it’s driven mainly by my tastes and perceptions. Feel free to provide your suggestions and disagree in the comment section, but do keep that in mind when you do. And also, this is meant to be good ol’ fun and nothing more, so don’t take anything too seriously.

I also tried not to repeat what’s already in CVS’s index so there’s no duplication of work (complicated girls hate inefficiencies). And so here we go:

You can download the file here: The Complicated Girl Index

As you can see, I “failed” my own Complicated Girl Index. All this time, I’ve been thinking I was complicated, as it turns out, I can’t even pass my own test. Sheeeesh. So what does this mean for me? Nothing much, except that I need to find some other excuse for why I’m still single.

So how’d you do? Where was I spot-on and where was I off-base? Let me know in the comments! I’d really like to know! Plus it would distract me from thinking about why I’m still single. Haha.

PS: It seems like I failed in my objective to create a more general list, because no matter how hard I tried, the list still reeks of my preferences. The more I thought about it, I realized that you can’t really make a definitive index for complicated girls because, well, they’re complicated girls and there are a gazillion versions of them. The simple girl, on the other hand…

10 thoughts on “My very own Complicated Girl Index

  1. I failed pretty epically: 240 (40%) haha. I don’t think I’m that complicated (so my result didn’t surprise me)
    Just to share a few: I don’t have a problem with public showers, I always buy my shampoos from Walgreens/ the grocery store, I’ve never used a hostel but I probably could If I had to, I loooove white chocolate, I don’t own jeggings (but –don’t hate me Kat, I swear I don’t do this anymore– a couple of years ago I actually went out in public with leggings as pants on a regular basis. Cringe-worthy, I know. I promise you I’ve stopped, and I’m hugely regretful!!!) I also probably read A LOT of nonfiction, can proudly say that I know the offside rule, love my rare steaks, has cried a bunch of times in sporting events (actually just today, I teared up a bit after this: I don’t own a lot of nailpolish or cosmetics, I waste too much time reading (and often re-reading) comments on forums, I try to drive as little as possible (for lack of driving ability, not because I’m a budding environmentalist, unfortunately) , really need to start wearing more sunscreen (I’m always like, there doesn’t seem THAT sunny out, plus I need a bit more tan..) have a pretty decent gaydar, I love my boyfriend jeans, I give pretty nice gifts if I’m not in a hurry to buy it, and Im really bad with technology! That was fun!

    • Hey Maddi! Glad you had fun! I hope it wasn’t too much work, as I only just figured out how to upload an Excel file into a blog post… On the leggings. Haha! The important thing is you don’t do it anymore. 🙂

  2. I scored 80% on my second take :p I didn’t get points for the TV shows – I ‘ve never seen Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory!!! I wonder, does that make me even more complicated? Haha. I gave myself partial points for the hostel item – I choose female only rooms (2-4 in a room) with ensuite bathrooms, cause I’m cheap 😀 I have met lovely girls I keep in touch with while staying in hostels. I learned to get over my fear of eating alone at a restaurant while traveling alone – no other choice! Chowhound is my savior to finding the best (and cheap!) places 🙂

    These item deserves more points! Particular about pen, pencil, paper. Totally agree!
    Maybe you can add: particular about grammar and/or spelling to the list. Haha 😉

  3. Yikes! I just saw my previous comment. I forgot to edit for my sentence to start with “this item” instead of “these items” as I originally wrote more than one item. How ironic that immediately after that sentence I suggested the complicated girl be particular about grammar and spelling. HAHA! Mortified.

    • Hahaha. No worries, Fran. 🙂 I actually thought about the whole grammar thing, but I know some simple girls who are particular about that, too, it’s just that they won’t be the first to call it out.

  4. I think I got 340ish. I’m more simple girl these days … and proud of it! Your list seems more a list for what you consider an “interesting girl.” I do agree that complicated girls, by definition, can’t really be captured by a list of traits. =)

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