This is not just about the shoes

Bear with me. This is post not just about unabashed consumerism.

A couple of posts ago, I was lamenting the unavailability of Renegade Folk’s leopard print moccasins Bold as Love. I was considering their other driving shoe-type style called, well, Driving. But I couldn’t bring myself to buy them. They were cute, but buying them felt like settling and that’s never a nice a feeling.

So I’ve more or less given up the chase. Then this morning, in my Twitter feed, my Twitter friend Fran sent me a link to the Zara website and these shoes:


I squealed at the sight of this

I actually squealed with delight at my phone. It was perfect because I had errands to run in Shangri-la anyway, so I could just drop by Zara. I scoured the shelves and didn’t find them. The only leopard print shoes they had were sandals and ballet flats. I got passed on to the sales assistant in charge of shoes and was informed that the mocs were from TWO seasons ago and it’s highly unlikely they still had them in stock. Just in case, I had the super nice and super accommodating SA, Jeffrey, call the other Zara branches anyway. Branch by branch, I got more and more disappointed as each one answered in the negative. As a last ditch effort, the darling Jeffrey made a final check of their stock room. And lo and behold, he came out carrying a box. And they were in my size. The box had someone’s name on them so there was a brief moment there when I thought I would have to fight for them, but in the end I went home with these babies:


It goes without saying that I am very, very happy with them. But apart from just the shoes themselves, I love how it all happened. Fran is my friend on Twitter, but I’ve never actually met her, and I suppose you could say that, apart from our cyberspace interactions, we are complete strangers to each other. She was sweet enough to make alternative suggestions to Bold as Love in her comments in the post about the shoes. But she actually sent me a tweet when she saw the Zara ones while she was online window shopping! Isn’t that absolutely thoughtful and so cool of her? I know that Twitter can sometimes is a waste of time, but I love that it also enables random acts of kindness between strangers like this one.

The other piece of this fortuitous puzzle is the lovely Jeffrey, from Zara in Shangri-La. Despite the fact that he believed that the shoes are long gone, he still called all the branches I wanted him to call and with a smile with his face, too. I think most SAs would stop by saying that the shoes were from a long time ago, and that they were all out of stock.  But Jeffrey humored me and called the other stores AND then tried the stock room again (even when the previous SA who first helped me already did). It’s sad to say that not a lot of SAs would make the effort that Jeffrey did. It goes without saying that Jeffrey is now my first ever favorite Zara sales assistant.

So more than being just about the shoes, this post is also a thank you to the thoughtful Fran and the dedicated Jeffrey. They didn’t have to do what they did, but they did it anyway. And it’s always nice when people go out of their way for a stranger, even if it’s just for a pair of leopard print shoes.

6 thoughts on “This is not just about the shoes

  1. Awww. Thanks, Kat, and it was really no problem! I know how it feels to miss out on a pair of shoes you reeaaally love so I’m happy I was able to help you out 🙂 Enjoy your new shoes!!!

  2. hahaha! i know how this feels kat, i am also this ruthless when i really zeroed in on something i like! won’t stop until i get it or something really like it 😀

    • I love the word you used, “ruthless”. Haha. But yes, when you something really strikes your fancy, nothing can get in the way of you getting it, no?

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