Unsolicited Fashion Advice #5

When did this all start, anyway? One day, we were living in a world where handbag straps were unburdened. The next, they were everywhere.

I’m talking about those hand sanitizers that come with a rubber strap so you can hang them from… anywhere. And it seems that every single woman who purchased one decided to hang theirs from their handbag straps.

It seems like I can’t go anywhere without seeing this hanging from every other woman’s handbag. Speaking as someone who can’t live without my trusty bottle of Alcogel I understand the need to have it handy all the time but I. JUST. DON’T. GET. IT.

As if that bag wasn't bugly enough to begin with

Why hang it from the outside of your handbag? It cheapens even the most expensive/expensive-looking bag (yes, even if it’s a Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM strap that it’s hanging from). Why would you want to do that to your handbag? And while I get that hanging it from outside your bag makes it easier to get to, there are tons of things we’d love to be easier to get to, but you don’t see hairbrushes, coin purses, lip balms or lighters hanging on rubber straps from ladies’ handbags.

And is it really THAT MORE convenient? Does it really take soooooo much effort to stick your hand into your bag to retrieve that bottle of hand sanitizer? Are you really THAT busy/lazy that you can’t spare the additional 3 seconds it takes to rummage through your bag? My guess is no. And even if it did save you a little bit of time, is that time worth uglifying your handbag? Again, my guess is no. As someone with an unhealthy affection for handbags, I daresay NOTHING is worth making your bag look ugly/uglier.

No, no, no, no, nooooooooooo...

In my opinion, there are only two acceptable situations to have hand sanitizer hanging from your bag strap: (1) if you’re younger than 10 years old and have to be constantly reminded to wash your hands before eating via the visual of having the hand sanitizer in your face, all the time and (2) if it’s hanging from a diaper bag because, well, moms dealing with infants get a free pass for almost everything.

So unless you’re in one of the two minorities above then, please, for the love of the handbag gods, pull out that rubber thingy and put that bottle of hand sanitizer INSIDE your bag where it belongs. If you don’t, then I apologize in advance for any dirty looks I might throw your way.

15 thoughts on “Unsolicited Fashion Advice #5

  1. I admitedly thought it was cute the first time I saw it on a friend’s bag … Then I did wonder why people felt the need to have hand gel as the most accessible item in their bag and/or acting as a fashion accessory (ie bag charm?).

  2. When I first saw it, I find it really cute. My friend is so nice to give hers to me. Now, I hang it in my lunchbox…so easy to sanitize your hands before a meal.

  3. @wysgal: I know, right? You can hang it INSIDE the bag. It’s the fact that’s hung outside that really annoys me.

    @Pipye: Haha.

    @elna: I totally get hanging it from a lunchbox. That totally makes sense. From a LV Neverfull, not so much. Haha.

  4. Guilty as charged for a few weeks 🙂 I used it on my work bag 🙂 Then I realized I don’t really like using hand sanitizers, I prefer alcohol.

  5. i’m not particularly irritated when i see this, but nagtataka lang ako ng sobra. it just deglamorizes the bag in my opinion. and i’ve seen more expensive bags than the neverfull with this hanging alcogel thingy, noh.

    another thing i don’t get… when boyfriends/husbands carry their gfs’/wives’ bags. that is a major, major pet peeve for me.

    • Oh geez! Me, too! Especially when it’s a tiny, kili-kili bag. I’m, like, in the first place, if it’s too heavy (which I doubt) then you should leave your stuff at home! Haha. The Bag Hag wrote about this last year, I think, and I think everyone said it annoyed them, too. Which begs the question, if everyone is annoyed by it, why do we still see it? Haha.

  6. Bath & Body Works is responsible for this, then SM made their own version. When I see ppl hanging sanitizers from their bags, I envy their courage in doing that. I just can’t do it to my Chanel/Balenciaga/Bottega bag. At the very least, they should hang it from the side that’s facing inside.

  7. i had to make a comment because i totally agree with you. i’m a Mom and i never dared hang my hand sanitizer from the outside of my diaper bag.

    my standpoint is if it’s difficult for you to rummage through your bag to get your hand sanitizer, then you need to get yourself a bag organizer and fix your stuff inside.

    • Yey for you, Gracie! And you made a very good point, too. If you’re bag’s too big/disorganized for you to find a hand sanitizer (or anything you need, for that matter) quickly, then get an organizer!

  8. Ooh, I hate that too! My sister does that, and when I looked closely it was empty!!! I took it out and threw thing inside her bag without her knowing it.

    • Hahahaha! That’s hilarious, Trisha! It’s like you’re a Fashion Police officer or something! I just hope she didn’t buy a new one and reattach it to her bag.

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