My Beach Essentials, part 2

In part two of my beach essentials series (natch!), I’m listing down the things that keep me occupied/hydrated/not looking like I have a stomachache in pictures. No, but seriously, I would be very bored and very dehydrated (and very cranky!) without these things in my beach bag in Boracay:

A book – As some of you already know, I love to read. And a trip to the beach is not complete for me without a morning stroll along the shore with the waves splashing just at my ankles, my nose buried in a book. I get so caught up in my book that by the time I remember to take my eyes off my book, I’m a long, long way from my hotel. I just LOVE that. This time around, the book I brought with me is another Elizabeth I biography.

A balance of the serious and the fluff

Magazines – Reading only Anne Somerset’s biography of QE I over a beach holiday is like only watching movies like Inception or Black Swan all the time. As much as I love the serious and heavy stuff, I need the light stuff every now and then. And TIME Magazine’s Royal Wedding and 100 Most Influential People special editions are the literary equivalent of When In Rome. Just like the movie, you can start watching/reading it at any point of the movie/magazine, skip through scenes/pages, leave it and get back to it later and still know what will happen in the end: Kristen Bell ends up with Josh Duhamel (their characters anyway), William kisses Kate Catherine and Blake Lively’s inclusion in the TIME 100 still befuddles you as much as it did before you read her write-up. Perfect non-committal reading for the hungover lazy beach bum.

A girl needs options, even on the beach

Sunglasses – Not only is the sun bright, but as I mentioned earlier, the white sand and the water reflects A LOT of light back. In my photos where I wasn’t wearing sunglasses, I was squinting. And smiling + squinting = not a good look for me.  So shades are a must for me if I don’t want to look like I’m wincing in pain in all of my pictures. I brought both my Ray Bans with me (no, I didn’t buy them from the beach vendors) because I couldn’t decide which would be better for the beach. Yeah, laugh all you want at me for thinking of things like this. But I figure, if there’s one place where you can justify bringing two pairs of sunglasses for a four-day trip, it’s Boracay.

Water – It’s always important to stay hydrated, all the more so when you spend your hours baking under the sun. My cousins and I always had drinking water around with us on the beach, at some point we had a 4 gallon bottle in our cabana. The annoying thing, though, is that it’s so hot out that even ice melts and becomes lukewarm water in a span of minutes. I resorted to leaving my water bottle in the hotel room fridge and hauling my ass up two flights of stairs to drink from it whenever I was thirsty. Although the cold water was worth it, I found it tough to peel myself off my lounge chair at times, so I would resort to the next item on my list…

Cold, light, refreshing, cold, sweet and did I mention cold?

Popsicles – Okay, so I don’t really carry this around in my bag. Although I would if I could, as I can’t think of a better thing to cool me down in Boracay’s heat. Water is just, well, water. Ice cream actually makes me thirstier. Same with soft drinks and most fruit shakes (although I do love Jonah’s). A popsicle is cold, light and really refreshing. They aren’t so sweet that you’ll need to wash it down with water right away. I had at least one every day and probably would’ve had more if the vendors came around the hotel more often. If only there was a way to be able to actually carry them around in my bag…

So there you go, the things I would be very cranky without on a trip to the beach. What are the things you can’t live without on a beach trip? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “My Beach Essentials, part 2

  1. Oh, that popsicle picture is heavenly!!! Cold, refreshing popsicle, beautiful beach scene… this reminds me of how much I need to take a vacation.

    I haven’t been to the beach in forever! When I did, it wasn’t anything as nice as Boracay (it pretty much was spend half a day on the “beaches” of Lake Michigan –does that even count?!)

    This summer though, I’ll be spending some time at Mar del Plata, so I’m super-excited. I’ve been doing a lot of sculling though, so I have a pretty impressive shorts and farmers tan to show off in my swimsuit. Oh well.

    Haha whenever I went to the beach in Chicago I would always bring bread with me to feed to the ducks and seagulls near the docks and marinas. But I can’t live without a really comfy pair of flip flops. I need shoes when I get out of the water (sometimes in the water if I’m paranoid) because there are always A LOT of broken glass and painful pebbles along Lake Michigan. Usually I’ll be walking around the city a lot afterwards, and shuffling to the Metra station, so those flip flops better be damn comfortable! 🙂
    And chapstick and lotion (with sunscreen) is also totally necessary because I swear I have the driest skin in the world…

    • The popsicle photo is my favorite photo, too. The popsicle looks more orange and vibrant against that perfect blue sky.

      Oh, wow, Argentina! That sounds fantastic! I hope you have a great time, Maddi!

      We’re very luck that the sand in Boracay is so fine, it doesn’t even get hot since the sand particles are so small, they can’t hold heat. So there really is no need for flip-flops when you’re on the beach.

      • Uff, silly me just realized that it will be winter in Argentina when I get there. Well, lots less tanning and lots more museum-going I guess!!

        • Oh! That’s too bad! But museums aren’t a bad way to spend the time either.. And besides the summer just started, so you could still plan for another beach trip, even if it’s close by.

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