My Beach Essentials, part 1

Walking along Boracay’s shore from my hotel to Jonah’s I realized that I lug around more stuff in my beach bag than I do in my handbag on a regular day in the city. You’d think that since I was taking it easy, I’d be carrying around less stuff, that my bag would be less cluttered. But taking it easy requires accessories, too.

So here are is part one of my Beach Essentials list, a.k.a. the list of the stuff that I dumped into my bag during my trip to the beach. Let’s start off with the stuff I rub, apply, spritz and spray on my body:

I know this caption should be about the sunblock, etc. but look at the clouds behind the bottles... WOW.

Sunblock – this is a no-brainer, of course. Sun damage is the number one cause of skin ageing, so in case you want to grow old as wrinkly as a raisin, lather up, even if you plan to sit in the shade all day. That white sand and the water reflect so much more sunlight back than darker sand. My minimum SPF requirement is 50, I actually wear SPF 50 on my face every day, beach or no beach. This was the first time I tried Nivea sunblock, as my regular one, Hawaiian Tropic Ozone (SPF 70) wasn’t available at the drugstore. It did the job quite well, was not sticky at all (another requirement) and was practically odorless.

Tanning Oil – Despite my aversion to sun damage, I couldn’t resist getting trying to get a bit of a tan. Thankfully, I didn’t have to resort to pouring Coke all over my body or smelling like biko because of coconut oil. My tanning oil of choice for the hours before 11 10am and after 3 4 pm is Beach Hut’s Tan and Protect . It has the highest SPF of all the tanning oils I’ve seen (if you know of a product that comes with a higher factor, let me know, please) is not greasy at all, and you only end up smelling like a coconut macaroon for a short while after application. In other words it’s almost perfect.

Hand Sanitizer – Ok, this is more like a life essential for me. I carry one every day, everywhere. If I leave my bottle at home or misplace it somewhere, I make a beeline for the nearest Bench/Watson’s/Mercury Drug to purchase a replacement. I suppose all the lotion application, the seawater and the dubious lounge chairs and beach pillows just make me spritz on the sanitizer more. Eh. Who am I kidding? Simply put, I’m just as obsessive compulsive on the beach as I am on dry land.

Mosquito Repellant – For some reason, when I’m out with a group of people in a place with mosquitoes, I would be the first and/or the only one to get bitten. ALWAYS. So in Boracay where we mostly dine, drink and hang out outdoors in the evenings, this saves me a lot of itchiness, scratching and unsightly bite marks. And Messy Bessy’s repellant is all natural, non-sticky and has a surprisingly un-unpleasant minty scent. Plus, you get a discount from Messy Bessy when you recycle your plastic bottle with them. So not only am I mosquito-free, I’m also environment friendly. Natch.

Lip Balm (not pictured) The sea air, sun exposure and swimming are sure to wreak havoc on my already chappy lips, so I always have my favorite lip balm handy to stem any damage. I’ve sang praises of the Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm before, but I was still surprised at how well it held up in the intense heat. It never became greasy and didn’t make my lips look like I was eating lechon all day.

Did I miss out on anything you think is a must for the beach? What are your favorite beauty and body products for the summer?

For part two, I’ll be talking about the beach essentials I wear/eat/drink/read.

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