It’s a proud moment for him, too

Note: This is not really about the Royal Wedding, but it is, a little bit. So don’t read through if you’re already weddinged-out.

It was only natural that during the Royal Wedding, as her son married the woman he loved, thoughts turned to the late Diana, Princess of Wales. And, of course, that was a given. I won’t even try to put into words how heartbreaking it is that she wasn’t there at such as an important event in her son’s life and see what mature, poised and outstanding young men (Harry, too, of course) her sons grew up to become.

The shutterbug she didn't mind smiling for

With the boy who was to write that letter on her coffin

While it was only natural to remember the remarkable woman her sons and the world lost too soon, what was unnatural to me was how there was little mention of the man who’s had to raise William and Harry alone since that tragic August night in Paris. It could not have been easy for Prince Charles to lose his partner (divorce or not) in raising his sons at such crucial points in their lives (15 and 13 years old). True, there have been blips along the way, but considering the intense media scrutiny, the proximity of his sons to temptation and vice, and the pressure from their positions, Princes Charles no doubt deserves a lot of credit for the brave, upstanding and compassionate men Princes William and Harry have grown up to be.

Their father's sons (via the UK Daily Mail)

You can feel te love and pride between the three.

We might not all have forgiven Charles for his treatment of Diana. But one look at his sons saluting the British flags along the carriage route or Harry jokingly whispering to his brother at the altar or William walking down the aisle with the woman he’s loved for eight years and you cannot deny that the Prince of Wales have raised his sons quite well, under the most difficult of circumstances. William and Harry may be Diana’s legacies, but they’re Charles’ sons, too.

Photo credits: Mario Testino for the father and sons photos. Photos of Diana with her sons were found via Google Images, I can’t seem to trace back to the original source/photographer.


7 thoughts on “It’s a proud moment for him, too

  1. nice try explore not just about the party of Royal Wedding, but Lady Di’s contribution for growth of her lovely 🙂

    anyway I like 1st picture..Diana close w/her sons 😉

  2. That’s true. There was one thing that Diana and Charles agreed on and it was how they’d raise their boys. Charles was adamant to give them a normal childhood and he didn’t want them to be tutored at home the way he was.

    He also wanted to lavish them with affection because when he was growing up, he had to make an appointment to see his parents! Poor Charles! But he was definitely a good daddy. You’re right, we can tell by the way his sons adore him.

      • Yes, I read about those appointments! Can you imagine? The Duke of Edinburgh was particularly tough on him, too, from what I’ve read. I guess that only made him more determined to be a better parent to his boys.

  3. Hi.

    I just found your blog.
    I think what you say is very true. Being a single father was certainly not easy and Prince Charles did a very good job.

  4. Hi, what you said about Charles as a father is so true. I never thought of him that way, I guess, because Diana was always depicted as the victim. I randomly googled pictures of Harry and Diana after reading about the prince’s recent visit to South Africa and it led me to your blog. I love the first two photos.
    Hello from England, from a fellow pinay 🙂

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