Happy Birthday, Suri!

I’m a little late, as Suri’s birthday was on the 18th, but it’s not like she’ll know I wasn’t on time.

Anyway, in honor of the little fashionista’s birthday, here’s one of my favorite Suri outfits:

Pretty in purple and pink!

The sweater is sweet, the skirt is fun, but it’s the leopard print flats that take this outfit to the next level for me. It gives the right amount of edge to an outfit that could’ve been too sweet and girly. And yes, I know it’s not entirely healthy to be critiquing a toddler’s outfits like this.

Also, I think this is one prettiest pictures of Suri I’ve ever seen. And with a face like hers, that’s saying a lot!

Look at that face!

Again, Happy Birthday, Suri!

Photos from JustJared.com

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Suri!

    • I know, right? Without the flats, this would’ve been just an extra cute outfit. But the leopards flats turned this into a fashionista outfit.

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