Have I found the one? Lip balm, that is

After years of searching, I think I’m quite close to finding my lip balm for life.

From the makers of the legendary Rosebud Salve, comes Rosebud Strawberry lip balm a.k.a the lip balm I’d marry if I could. I know that sounds a little nuts-o but for someone who has gone through tube after tube, tin after tin, there is relief in knowing that the search may finally be over.

To prevent me from rambling endlessly on how great this lip balm is, I’m borrowing Chaptastic’s scientific lip-balm evaluation system to list the merits of this little tin of heaven.

Could you be the one?

Price: About $6 in the US, PHP 450 in Manila for a 0.8 oz tin. If you know someone going to the US, ask them to buy this for you since the local price is a bit of a rip off, IMHO. But it’s A LOT of lip balm, though, so I would probably still buy it at the local price if I was desperate.

Appearance: The tin has a lovely, vintage-y design. It’s dainty and girly, without being twee.

Glide: Beautiful. Smooth and silky. Even in the warm Manila weather, it doesn’t get greasy or too shiny. And it’s not sticky at all which is critical for lip balms in tins or tubs.

Flavor/Smell: I prefer more subtly scented balms as I find stronger scented ones distracting. I hate it when all you can smell is the balm, especially when you’re eating/drinking. This balm has a clean, sweet aroma that is light and not overpowering.

Lasting Power: It lasts forever. Ok, maybe not. But it sure feels that way. A proper application could last between three to four hours, almost twice as long as most lip balms.

Other Pros and Cons: I’m partial to tubed balms as it is obviously a cleaner and more convenient way of application. With tins, you need two hands to apply, plus there’s the whole clean finger situ. But given the un-stickiness of this balm, this isn’t as big of a problem as it could be.

The verdict: The only thing standing between perfection and the Rosebud Perfume Co.’s Rosebud Strawberry lip balm is its packaging which I’m willing to let go since it’s so cute and I don’t get sticky fingers afterwards anyway.

So this may actually be THE ONE. Up until I try my Rosebud Salve and Mocha Rose lip balms (they’re all from the same company) that are standing by.

6 thoughts on “Have I found the one? Lip balm, that is

  1. Minted Rose is also very good, because it packs the shine factor and it feels cold on your skin, but after using it many times the peppermint oil chaps your lips more, instead of hydrating them. I will be giving this little one a try though.

    • I never really liked minty balms, because I don’t like my lips being cold, especially over the winter. So I held off on the Minted Rose. Now that I think about it, though, it would be quite nice to have that minty feeling for the other uses of the salve. I imagine it’ll be good for the insect bites, rashes, etc.

      Let me know what you think about the strawberry one, once you’ve tried it. I don’t think it’ll be shiny, though.

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