Unsolicited Fashion Advice #4

My love for cold-weather dressing has been well documented in this blog. However, even I draw the line at autumnal dressing in mostly hot and humid Manila. Yes, I’ve worn mid-calf boots to work before, but only if it was raining. Walking in the rain in heels is a pain, but dragging the hem of your pants through the puddles if you were wearing flats (not to mention the risk of getting water inside your shoes. Ewwww.) is horrible as well. Hence flat boots are the way to go for me (defensive, much?).

But I digress. Footwear is one thing. But leatherette jackets, two weeks from MARCH, in the polluted and humid concrete jungle of Makati is another.

There wasn't even a BREEZE that night.

I mean, come on! I’m all for wearing things just for the sake of it, not everything has to be functional and necessarily practical (hello, high heels). But there still has to be a context to clothing and a pleather jacket obviously has no context in Manila. And, no, it wasn’t one of those nights with a soft cool breeze that make you go, “I wish that Manila weather was at least like this.” I wouldn’t even consider it cardigan-wearing weather. Heck, it wasn’t even long-sleeved T-SHIRT-wearing weather! But, no, this guy was wearing a leatherette biker jacket, zipped to the top. I wanted to go up to him, tap him on the shoulder and say “You think you look cool, but you actually stupid.” But I’m not THAT big of a bitch. Yet.

But there is still another contender for “Biggest Idiot in Cold Weather Clothing in a Tropical Country” prize (and no, it’s not me). So, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, contestant number 2:

Is he suffering from an ailment where only his neck is cold?

Shorts. Vans. A t-shirt. And a scarf?!?! So it’s warm enough for shorts but cold enough for a scarf? I’ve been exposed to both extremes of stifling heat and freezing weather enough to know that shorts-weather and scarf-weather are MUTUALLY exclusive. So what other reason could there be for this ghastly get-up? Is there a special draft that only somehow hits his neck? Is he a tenor with a concert tonight that he needs to keep his throat warm? The only acceptable explanation will be the latter, and since that is unlikely then the probable conclusion is that this guy’s friends don’t like him enough to tell him he looks stupid.

So who wins the prize? Fortunately for these two , none of them. I wasn’t able to take a picture of him, but contestant #2 had a friend whose outfit varied ever so slightly from his. The friend wore a t-shirt, shorts, a SCARF and FLIP-friggin’-FLOPS. Ugggggggghh.

However, I’ll stop ranting. This post was supposed to be about giving out advice, not about being mean and bashing people even if they so very clearly deserve it. So here goes:

  1. We live in a tropical country. Except if you were in Baguio (and even that’s debatable), there is no excuse whatsoever to wear a leather/ette moto jacket anywhere. Much less zipped up to the top. It doesn’t look cool at all. Actually, it looks hot, sweaty and body-odor inducing.
  2. You would never wear gloves with just jeans and a t-shirt. You would never wear rain boots with a bikini. Some things are just not meant to be worn together. Like scarves and shorts AND FLIP-FLOPS. Make up your mind if it’s warm or cold, please. Or you risk scarf strangulation, care of me.


8 thoughts on “Unsolicited Fashion Advice #4

    • Yes, I know but something about this really irks me. There are just some accessories/items of clothing that you only wear when you NEED them. And this list includes scarves and leather/ette jackets.

    • I actually wrote a post about that already here. That’s one of my pet peeves, too. In the words of the great Blair Waldorf, “Tights are not pants!”. The same could be said about leggings.

  1. Try Jakarta, Indonesia! Here, a lot of people were sweaters under jackets on a 35 degree celsius-day or even on a 30 degree celsius-night! And it’s not because of religious restrictions…you’ll really have a “panlalait” fest here 🙂

    • Hahaha! Thanks for the tip, I guess? Hehehe. I don’t go and voluntarily look for a “panlalait” fest naman, though. That’s too mean na, I think. Still fun, but mean. 😉

      Thanks for dropping by my blog, Kero.

  2. This is what I really don’t get in the Philippines…I mean I’m Filipino but no offense, I find a lot of my countrymen(women) wear tall leather boots, shearling-lined snow boots and leather jackets under the scorching sun of a tropical land.
    I actually wrote a blog post about it last year —>http://www.ilovehateamerica.com/a_filipino_immigrants_lov/2010/01/the-american-fashion-statement-to-the-world.html
    And this post stirred anger among some readers that I had to close it for comments. Some Filipino readers of mine think I’m anti-Filipino just because of this post.

  3. Not just in the Phils. Was in NYC recently. It was sooo hot there. My friend and I were both wearing summer gear. We saw a number of people wearing jackets with scarves. Also saw one with ear muffs. My gosh! Hindi naman sila tourist from the tropics where the weather may have been warmer. Puro locals naman. Ugh trying hard to be fashionista. I’m sure there are a lot of summer accessories they can sport to still be considered I fashion.

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