WTF??: The Levi’s Ex-Girlfriend Jeans

I.. I can’t even… I don’t… I just can’t… Why?… And who… WTF?!?!


There are a great few things that are wrong with this, so let’s get right on it:

  1. This is basically a jegging for guys. I can’t even accept jeggings for women. Are there really guys out there looking for jeggings? And do they really think they will look good in them?
  2. Are those even a man’s legs in the picture? I’m asking because I know a LOT of women who would kill for legs and thighs that slender. And, why is the crotch area so, errrrrm, flat? And, since we’re there already…
  3. While I’m obviously not familiar with the problem, I think it must be pointed out. Won’t it be tight down there?
  4. Why are they called the “ex-girlfriend” jeans anyway? Boyfriend jeans are not called the ex-boyfriend jeans. Could it be because the idea of a guy borrowing his current girlfriend’s skinny  jeans is just so wrong on so many levels? Could it be because, as one reader commented, the ex kicked the boyfriend to the curb for literally being into her clothes a little too much? Or, perhaps, the boy in question’s ex was his last girlfriend ever because he has since moved on to boys?

I still can’t wrap my head around this. I’m confused, bewildered and a little angry and afraid. The only positive feeling that resulted from this is that I’m grateful. Grateful that my brothers and guy/gay friends aren’t emo/crazy/averse to blood circulation enough to consider wearing these. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Photo from Levi’s via


Feel free to let me know what you think!

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