Missing my trash TV guilty pleasures

When you’re away from home in a foreign country where you barely know anyone and it’s not really safe to go out on your own, then you end up doing things you never thought you would do to keep yourself entertained. Like watching really trashy TV and enjoying it.

I’ve been home for about a little over four months now, and I find myself missing my South African cable channels, even the trashy shows I used to watch. While I watched my fair share of Discovery Channel and National Geographic (defensive, much?), there’s nothing like these shows for some brainless entertainment :

Keeping up with the Kardashians

I really want to hate them, but I can't...

Although they are all in turns annoying/aggravating/disgusting/shallow drama queens, I really can’t help but love the Kardashians during the half hour that I watch their show. They all do and say crazy things (like make naked videos for their husbands, watch said sister’s/sister-in-law’s naked video, talk about their mom’s vajayjay in front of cameras), but at the heart of it all, they are a family that goes through a lot of the stuff everyone else does. Like Kim being positively unable to get out of her pajamas after her breakup, Kendall and Kylie being upset with Kim when she lied about not being able to take them to the beach or when Bruce got the family into boxing matches for charity. Ok, maybe that last one, not so much. And if you still can’t stand them, there is still a reason to watch. It’ll make you realize that the family you’ve got is actually quite normal.

Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami

Well, yeah, duh, I know that this is an offshoot of the show above. It has its own crazy moments (like Kourtney waxing Klhoe, Scott showing his, erm, Disick to Kourtney and a friend in the balcony). But the one thing this show has that the original Kardashian extravaganza doesn’t is… baby Mason. First of all he’s cute (and really, really chubby!) and a cute baby never hurt. Also, it was nice to watch Kourtney transition into being a mom, and Kim and Khloe being doting aunts.

Pretty Wild

They're pretty, they're wild, and incredibly out of touch with reality

Now this show… this one’s soooo bad, it’s so good. Ok, no, not really. It really is just bad. Here’s a brief recap: it’s about a former Playboy playmate mother with three daughters living in Los Angeles. Seems like pretty standard (reality TV-wise) stuff, right? But, one daughter, Tess is a Playboy Cyber Girl. Alexis (who, in one of their screaming matches with their mom, insisted that she was a good kid, and that her mom “didn’t know what bad kids were like”), on the other hand, was to be imprisoned for being part of the group that burglarized Orlando Bloom’s home. Both also have a penchant for hitting on/making out with men they meet at modeling jobs and on vacation in Mexico. The elder girls and the youngest, Gabby, don’t seem to go to school and are instead, homeschooled by their mother on The Secret. Their mother also hands them Aderall, the highly addictive stimulant, in the morning like it was their daily vitamins.

I swear all this stuff happened on the show. It’s THAT bad that you need to watch it to believe it.


Kendra and Hank Baskett

This is probably the most “normal” show of the four, if you count kissing your ex Hugh Hefner on the lips in front of your new husband normal. But, seriously, Playboy history and enormous implants aside, I find Kendra Wilkinson thoroughly likeable and charming. She’s surprisingly down-to-earth, fiercely loyal to her friends and family and quite funny. Sure there are “ick” moments, like when she talked about Kegel exercises with her gay assistant, but she used to pose in Playboy and share Hugh Hefner with two other girls, so that’s standard. I just like how she and footballer husband Hank go through their ups and downs as a married couple, with Hank without a team to play with at one point  and Kendra realizing that her husband still doesn’t find it easy to deal with her racy past. Normal stuff, just Playboy-style.

And oh yeah, baby Hank is absolutely adorable.

PS: I hope y’all haven’t lost respect for me after finding out I watch/ed these shows. I swear I don’t watch Pretty Wild anymore.


Photos from E!

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