BREAKING Baby News!!

I don’t think I have ever been this excited about news of the impending arrival of another celebuspawn, but this news is just totally awesome. The first couple of football, David “Goldenballs” and Victoria Beckham are expecting their fourth child! And without exception, even total strangers (like yours truly) are crossing their fingers, hoping and praying that this time, it’s a lovely baby girl because:

  • After three adorable boys, it’s high time the Beckhams get a daughter, no? I know the baby gender lottery doesn’t work like that as many all-girls/boys families could attest to, but a little princess would round off this gorgeous family quite well.
  • David Beckham dotes on his boys, even on Brooklyn, who at almost 12, you would assume would be in that Mum/Dad-don’t-kiss-me-in-public stage. Can you imagine how much the adorable factor will increase, if it were a ‘ickle girl in the already to-die-for adorable picture below?

If cuteness could kill...

  • If anyone was destined to have a little girl, it was Victoria Beckham. With a mom as fabulous and fashionable as that, I’m already salivating with envy at the potential designer outfits Vicky B. will dress her tot in. Baby Girl Beckham will surely give Chloe-wearing, Valentino-toting Suri Cruise a run for her money in the toddler fashion stakes.
  • Someone just has to inherit Victoria’s legendary Birkin collection. Who else would be worthy of it if not their daughter?

So congrats to the lovely family. I’m crossing my fingers for a healthy, problem-free pregnancy. And Birkins aside, while a baby with XX chromosomes will probably drive me crazy (if only for more shots like above or this one) with glee, an XY baby will be just as “awwwwww”-ed over.


Photo from AP via Kickette

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