My Search for the One

When I like something, I want to find the best possible version of it to the point of obsession. Whether it be cheesecake, Elizabeth I biographies or chocolate cake . I usually take a rational approach to these searches, meaning I don’t order 4 slices of cheesecake at the same time and actually read reviews first before I buy my 4th book on Elizabeth I. With lip balm, though… not so much.

I’ve been known to order tubes of lip balm online to have them delivered to the hotel rooms of colleagues on business trips in the States. I’ve wasted hours and hours reading lip balm reviews in the awesome Chaptastic. I haven’t used two tubes of the same balm in years. And now, I currently have eight (EIGHT!) tubes/tins of lip balm opened or waiting to be opened.

My current stash

I have come across disappointing balms (Born Lippy from the Body Shop, Lip Rescue from Desert Essences pictured above, the much lauded Kiehl’s) and some surprisingly awesome ones (the Chap Ice one I got free from the KLM overnight kit, Chapstick Ultra pictured above) but I still haven’t found the one lip balm I could fully commit to.

And while I would really, really, love to find THE ONE, the myriad of choices and the unavailability of Crazy Rumors products where I live seems to have doomed me to loooong, tortuous search.

Well, I suppose that’s fine, as long as the same isn’t true for the search for the other non-cheesecake, non-lip balm THE ONE.

3 thoughts on “My Search for the One

    • Thanks for the tip, Lisa. I’ll definitely keep this in mind when someone from the US comes to visit, as I don’t think this is available locally where I am.

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