Mercato Centrale find #2: Merry Moo

In my previous post, my tip when going to Mercato Centrale was not to go there with an empty stomach. For this round, my tip is this: bring an ice cooler, because you’re definitely going to want to bring home some Merry Moo Ice Cream.

Merry Moo Ice Cream is made from locally-sourced, fresh, non-UHT (Ultra Heat Treated) milk. The ice cream is home-made and made in small batches (a labor of love, as my mom put it) and comes in classic flavors with a twist.

Their roster of flavors include: Strawberry Basil, Rhum Raisin, Earl Grey Tea, Sea Salt Caramel, Aztec Chocolate, Apple Cinnamon, Coffee Kahlua, Lemongrass Coconut and Peppermint Chocolate. And, as with almost all Mercato Centrale’s tenants, you can get free tasting samples!

Merry Moo's Kelvin Ngo

Then comes the decision: which flavors to actually buy? The Earl Grey Tea flavor is among the most popular, but as I am not a tea-drinker, it wasn’t exactly my favorite (although it was yummy, and I totally understand why people are raving about it). The Aztec Chocolate is a party in your palate, a blend of chocolate and Mexican spices, with the kick coming after the initial sweetness of the dark chocolate.

But those weren’t the flavors I bought to bring home. Upon seeing the card that said “Sea Salt Caramel”, I knew I could be on the cusp of an addiction. I’ve made my love for the combination of caramel and salt known before and Merry Moo’s creamy version is no exception. Instead of the sickly-sweet caramel taste that you would almost expect, you get a subtler, toasty sweetness, like the caramel was taken off the stove a mere second before it started to burn. And, that’s a very, very good thing.

Another unexpected good thing is the combination of Strawberry and Basil. And, no, it doesn’t taste like strawberry ice cream marbled with pesto sauce. Basil is actually quite sweet on its own, so it complements the strawberry, giving the creamy-sweetness a fresher taste and different dimension.  So, yes, if you were looking to buy a pint of Strawberry Basil from Merry Moo yesterday, I was the one who took the only pint they had on hand.

I guess that would be my only complaint about Merry Moo: that they make such small amounts of their ice cream. I have half a mind to offer my services as an ice cream making assistant, if only to ensure my personal supply of Sea Salt Caramel. Oh, and yeah, one more, they didn’t remind me that I haven’t sampled the Coffee Kahlua yet. Boooo.

Full disclosure: I know Kelvin Ngo, the owner of Merry Moo, as he’s the boyfriend of one of my friends from college. However, I wouldn’t even make the effort to write a post if their ice cream was anything short of delicious. And I paid for my ice cream in full. Maybe if I start working for them, though, I’d get a discount.

Merry Moo is located at the outdoor pavilion of Mercato Centrale, corner 9th and 30th Streets, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig

6 thoughts on “Mercato Centrale find #2: Merry Moo

  1. Thanks Kat for dropping by and tasting flavors. I’m glad that you liked our Sea Salt Caramel and Strawberry Basil!

    You got the caramel flavor right. It took me sometime (and a lot of burnt sugar :S ) to get the caramel to just the right point. There’s a fine line between caramel and burnt caramel. hehe Do visit us again soon. I’ll be experimenting on more flavors for you to try. 🙂 Merry Xmas!

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for trying so hard to get that caramel flavor perfect!

    I can’t wait for your new flavors! And I haven’t even gotten the chance to try all of the current ones yet. I’ll definitely be dropping by Mercato to visit you again. And I’ll be dragging all my friends along with me. By any chance, do you have a spot open for an ice cream churner? I’m willing to get paid in ice cream. Hehehe!

    • Haha thanks Kat! 🙂

      Actually right now I have my trustee yaya to help in the prep work 🙂 But I’m planning to get a full-time staff to do all at the right time. It’s quite stressful, especially when balancing between Merry Moo and work. :S

  3. Hi Kat,

    I hope you don’t mind if I use the photo you took of me. I’ll need it for a short feature of Merry Moo in ANC . 🙂


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