The wrong reason to get an iPad

Yes, I know, it’s ridiculous and wrong on so many levels to want to get an iPad so that I can dress it up in one of these pretty cases. But with options as gorgeous as these, can you really blame me?

Cath Kidston Mini Dot iPad Case

Everything that Cath Kidston does is adorable, and the Mini Dot iPad Case is no exception. And since it’s made in their trademark laminated oilcloth, you wouldn’t have to worry about scratches or stains. Also available in the Bath Flowers print.

If you’re more glam than cute, then this Tory Burch  Mirrored Crinkled E-tablet Case case will be a better fit for you. I like that it’s still subtle (as subtle as metallic leather could be), and that the shape and design is as simple as could be. With this much shine, you really don’t need much else, except maybe that little Tory Burch emblem.

The metallic leather of the Tory Burch case isn’t exactly the most durable material in the world, though. So if you still want something basic that pops, but wouldn’t have to be wrapped in a blanket for protection, Burberry has just the thing: the Grainy Leather Colour iPad Cover in such a pretty shade of red.

But THIS is the Rebecca Minkoff  Touch and Go iPad Sleeve that got me started on this pointless exercise anyway. Purple, studs and alligator leather combined could so easily turn gaudy and over the top. But the alligator is subtle and the studs aren’t really studs but more like pin heads. And the color is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. Doesn’t this make you want to spend the money to buy an iPad so you get to carry it around?… No? That’s just me? Ohhh…

No “want list” would be complete would an extra luxurious, more-expensive-than-the-actual-iPad option. While the Chanel and Tod’s versions are the ultimate (and most ridiculous) splurges, neither quilted leather or crocodile do it for me. On the other hand, Bottega Veneta’s Intrecciato Nappa iPad case (actually, pretty much anything in BV Intrecciato) causes me to go into a tizzy. And it doesn’t cost three times the price of an iPad! So it’s a steal!

Ok, no, not really. So I guess no iPad for me, then.

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