Sooooo pretty…

I’m not a shoe girl.  And the shoes I like are pretty boring: plain leather pumps, flat sandals, ballet flats. I’m more of a bag girl, actually, to the eternal detriment of my bank account, so I tend to spend more time on The Purse Blog than on its sister site TalkShoes. Today, however, I found myself on the shoe blog while at work while on my lunch break and came across this beauty:

I don’t even like heels. My sister will tell you I can barely walk in them. But. LOOK. AT. THIS. Isn’t it the prettiest shoe ever? I would surely risk a sore ankle to wear the Giuseppe Zanotti Chiffon Bow Sandal. They’re feminine without being frou-frou and sexy without being overtly so. These would be perfect with a short black dress. Or a short red dress. Or a short pink dress. This’ll look good with just about anything that’ll show off your legs (although this’ll be a good wedding shoe, too).

If this was a shoe that I could actually wear on a regular basis, I would order this online, NOW. But I wear sneakers (and ocassionally steel-toed work boots) to work, so it wouldn’t really be a smart purchase. Plus I don’t have $850 lying around.

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