They’re here!!

Wee Nam Kee opened today and for some reason, my mom just had to go TODAY. So off we went to the Ayala Triangle Gardens and had this:

And so, we meet again...

With this… (and the ginger’s more subtle than the Singapore version. Yey for me!)

It's not Hainanese Chicken without this

And of course, this…

Kanin pa lang, ulam na!

But Wee Nam Kee chicken wasn’t the only thing that clogged my arteries last night. As we were walking to WNK, I saw this:

Oh be still, my heart...

I could not resist, so I bought these. Not my first choice, but they ran out of chicken wings (how does a chicken wing place run out of wings?)…

Whoever invented these deserves some sort of award.

I resisted the urge to eat them while walking back to the office (haha!) and had them at home. They were as crispy as I remembered them to be, so crispy that my brother and sister actually turned to look when I bit into the drumstick. I’m not sure, though, if it’s because I ate them almost 2 hours after getting them, or because they were drumsticks (but aren’t they supposed to be more flavorful?) or because they were still on soft-opening (their first full day), but I remember the ones I had in Singapore to be more salty and overall more tasty. I’m all for giving them a second chance, though.

The Ayala Triangle is becoming the worst possible place to jog. Will you be able to resist rewarding yourself with  Bon Chon, Wee Nam Kee or Golden Spoon after your run?

Wee Nam Kee and Bon Chon Chicken is located at the Ayala Triangle Garden, behind the Philippine Stock Exchange. Bon Chon will also be opening it’s Greenbelt 1 branch soon, and a Libis branch in the near future.

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