I just discovered something that will, no doubt, take up a ton of time that I already don’t have or should be spending on something more productive (i.e. work).

Worse than Facebook and Sodoku for Blackberry (yes, I’m a geek. I know that): Polyvore. In the same vein as Lookbook and Looklet, but with a be-your-own-magazine-editor twist. Using from photos from hundreds of online stores, from the high-end (Net-a-porter, Luisaviaroma) to the high-street (Topshop, Uniqlo, Gap), you can make your own “sets” and plot them on a page, à la In Style magazine’s “Instant Style” pages.You can even do interior design sets (Ikea is one of the stores!), if your in to that.

But I’m just about the clothes. So here goes my first two sets:

I want to wear this Gap-intense outfit, like, NOW. But the nature of my work and the Manila weather is keeping me from doing so. So my new “baby” will have to wait for her first day out.

Now this is an outfit I would wear, if only I could find boyfriend jeans that don’t make my already small derriere disappear. I’ve tried every single boyfriend jean the Gap has made (that makes it to Manila) and even in the 24’s my butt looks like Sandy Bullock’s boobs when she first tried on the wedding dress in The Proposal. So until I find boyfriend jeans that don’t make me look more like a boy than I already do (because it’s unlikely I will ever grow a butt to fill the jeans out), this outfit will remain in the realm of Polyvore.

Boyfriend-jeans-related frustrations aside, Polyvore is awesome, fun and harmless, as long as you stop yourself from actually clicking on the links to actually purchase the clothes. So sign-up and start making your own sets, guys! So I won’t be the only one whose work performance will be suffering from here on out.

You can view what I waste my precious time on at my own Polyvore page. I’ve shown you mine, so show me yours!



Feel free to let me know what you think!

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