(I apologize for the lame title, but there really is no other word to capture the essence of this post)

Some people look at this photo and think:

Puppy love

  •  Her dad is a couch-jumping Scientologist weirdo
  • Her mom is a Dawson’s Creek has-been turned Scientology zombie-slash-robot
  • Chris Klein is her real father, not Tom because Tom is gay 
  • She’s a spoiled little brat who gets to wear makeup and high heels and is lavished with Roger Vivier shoes and Ferragamo handbags
  • She’s too old for a bottle
  • yadda-yadda-yadda

But all I see is an overload of cute.

Awwww... Didn't we all dream of this when we were seven?

And love.

And another boatload of cute:

Suri to Katie: "See, Mommy, I told you not to do Mad Money."

I mean, come on!  How could you say something remotely bad about such an endearing, happy little person? And, couch-jumping celebrity parents notwithstanding, she’s still JUST A CHILD (who, like the rest of us, never got to choose who her parents will be).

Just delight in the cuteness, people!

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